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Techsdale (TXDL) is a mentorship and development program, and our purpose is to teach young people how to make games, apps and websites. Techsdale was created not only to help youth express themselves through digital media, but to also to diversify the tech sector by steering young people of various backgrounds into employability and internships. Techsdale is currently a member of the Centre for Social Innovation’s incubator program, Agents of Change.

Our program provides an entry point for young gamers to become content creators, in addition to being consumers. Using a team-based learning model, our mission is to help young people combine their voices, imagination, and experience with the required skills to find a foothold in the gaming & tech industries. Techsdale is powered by the raw talent of our students, the determination of our mentorship team, and support from our business & community partners, which include Humber College, Sandbox Inc., and LAMP.

Techsdale: about the program

Techsdale’s game development program is a 14-week course, meeting once per week. Our classes are team-based and collaborative; students are introduced to the fundamentals of game design and then separated into development teams. By the end of the program, the goal for each team is to create and release a video game.

Knowing how to tell stories through gaming let young people from diverse backgrounds share their stories with the world. By engaging local youth to become both creators and consumers of the media that entertain, connect and surround us, they become agents of change in their own right.

For young Rexdale residents interested in the tech industry, the path is challenging. Developing the skills can be expensive, and the tech sector’s problems with diversity can be discouraging. In addition, not all public schools have the hardware and industry expertise needed to give young people a foot in the door. Techsdale’s goal is to eliminate these barriers by teaching youth in Rexdale, as well as surrounding areas, to make video games, apps and websites that reflect their interests, their passions, and their unique voices.

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Toronto Public Library - 1515 Albion Rd.,
Rexdale ON

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