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When you’re young, you listen to your friends for what music, shoes and hairstyle to like. By harnessing the power of friendship, peer mentors can help promote a healthy lifestyle for kids in need to assist them in realizing their full potential. Through the process of becoming a teacher, counsellor and friend, the mentors undergo their own transformation into the leaders our city needs.

The Peer Project youth mentors, ages 16-29, connect one-on-one with newcomer and at-risk kids, ages 6-15. The kids you can help face behavioural, social, emotional and cultural challenges; good kids who need a helping hand. Mentors are young people who want to change lives. They stand-up as role models, activity partners, and friends for kids who need someone to talk to, look up to, and most importantly have fun with.

Honed from helping over 30,000 kids since 1976, our individually customized program, uniquely recruits, assesses, and matches kids with a mentor. We take the time to get the match right. We also organized optional monthly activities and provide on-going training and 24-hour support.

Our peer-mentoring program works. Our kids do better in school, they stay out of trouble, they give to their communities, and some come back to be mentors themselves. We have an evaluated 98 per cent success rate of keeping kids out of the criminal justice system and in school, but our need is still great with over 400 kids waiting for a mentor.

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