TOcore - Planning Toronto´s Downtown # TOcore

TOcore is looking at how Toronto’s Downtown should grow and the physical and social infrastructure it will require to remain a great place to live, work, learn, shop and play.

The success of Toronto’s Downtown is in everyone’s interest because it is the shared heart of our region.

Toronto´s Downtown is in its most active period of residential and employment growth since the 1970s. This growth reflects its success in attracting residents seeking liveable, mixed-use neighbourhoods close to employment opportunities.

TOcore is a City of Toronto study looking at planning the Downtown. How should our Downtown grow in the decades ahead? What infrastructure and services will we need to keep it a great place live, work, learn and play? How can we reinforce Downtown´s important economic role while ensuring it remains inclusive?

TOcore will lead to a renewed plan for Downtown. It will also develop strategies to ensure hard and soft infrastructure move in tandem with development:

- parks and public spaces - walking and cycling networks

- surface transit - community services and facilities

- water and waste water - energy

The Study begins in mid 2014 and will move through three phases:

Phase One – Taking Stock (2014 to 2015) will analyze existing conditions in the Downtown.

Phase Two – Planning and Analysis will begin in 2015 and will involve the development of draft infrastructure plans and strategies and a draft Downtown planning framework.

Phase Three – Implementation, which will run from 2016 to 2017, will make recommendations to City Council on a planning framework and infrastructure growth strategy for the Downtown, with potential implementation of quick start projects.

Consultations with downtown residents, the general public and key stakeholder groups will take place throughout all three phases of work to enrich the study and its recommendations.

The Downtown study area is bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Bathurst Street to the west, the rail corridor and Rosedale Valley Road to the north and the Don River to the east.

John St
55-Metro Hall, 22nd Floor,
Toronto ON

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