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The demolition of Stollery´s was an abrupt and unconsidered major modification to an important intersection in Toronto. Mizrahi, the property´s new owner, was completely within his rights to make a decision on the public´s behalf as to whether HE thought the building represented any heritage value — he decided it did not.

But whether or not this century-old building should have been granted heritage status should have been a public discussion. This is a discussion that could have happened well in advance of the property´s sale and demolition.

The god-like powers of tower developers in this city feels absolute, and I don´t think it´s appropriate, nor is it conducive to an inclusive city shaped by all. When city-building is the exclusive domain of developers, the result is a city that only serves developers.

The public needs to wrest back some say in how our city is built around us. Heritage status identification is one avenue that already exists by which we can exert some control over our built environment. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! See the comments section below.


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