Theatre company that promotes Ecstasy in Business

Have you noticed how similar big corporations are to trees? We even refer to big manufacturing facilities as ´plants´.

Both corporations and trees grow and spread, seemingly without limits, until one day they fall over. Forty percent of ´Fortune 500´ companies have merged or gone out of business within 10 years whereas neighbourhoods can go on for centuries.

The usual ways of getting things done in business resulted in multinational corporations becoming a major threat to our continued existence on this planet? Neighbourhoods seem relatively benign.

Enter a theatre troupe ready to turn this planet around and show business how to learn from neighbourhoods. Torontonians and visiting executives will be the first to enjoy humorous entertainment that engages us in more conscientious approaches to making and taking care of things.

Join us in inspiring changes in business that will benefit everyone and the Earth´s ecology. We are looking for partners who are capable in all areas of inspirational production and performance.

Project management, as used in both business and government, is extremely structured and has resulted in companies and societies that are unsustainable. Let´s begin celebrating more realistic, neighbourhood- and planet-friendly ways to get things done.

6 St Joseph Street,
Toronto ON

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